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Rewards for support

This interface allows you to check accumulated revenue from supporting this delegate. Every supporter of will gain access to personal charts with accumulated balance on pool, historic balance on lisk network and more. ThePool is proportionally sharing 35% of forged blocks revenue to people who currently holding vote for ThePool. ThePool reserved 300k virtual vote weight for contributors. 65% of revenue is being kept for further development of many projects sponsored by

Sponsored projects

Lisk-PHP - PHP library and cli tool to interact with Lisk
LiskPool - Lisk shared forging scripts and website template
LiskTrezor-CLI-wallet-manager - CLI wallet manager for Trezor
Unconfirmed transactions - Lisk unconfirmed transactions viewer
Lisk-forging-failover - Background daemon to maintain 100% productivity
Snapshots - Regular snapshots of Lisk blockchain - Websocket based Lisk network stats, which consists of:






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