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ThePool has served the Lisk community since 2016. Early on, ThePool team focused on bug identification, reporting and debugging of the Lisk codebase, as well as maintaining Lisk nodes. ThePool also created multiple tools for the Lisk ecosystem, including the popular, which monitors node statistics and block propagation across the Lisk network in real-time.

As release of the Lisk SDK neared, ThePool shifted focus from a high-sharing model to an accumulation of funds model in preparation for Lisk sidechain application development with the Lisk SDK.

Now that initial versions of the Lisk SDK have been released, ThePool’s primary objective is to develop Lisk sidechain applications while maximizing incentives to voters by rewarding ThePool voters with tokens from sidechains ThePool develops. This is how delegated proof of stake is supposed to work in Lisk.

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Forged blocks
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Independent Lisk dedicated servers
Experienced node management

ThePool delegate maintains three dedicated servers. Each server is hosted by a different provider, and no two servers are located in the same jurisdiction or geographical area. Currently, ThePool’s mainnet servers are located in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


ThePool team is committed to maintaining perfect productivity. Our custom server management and notification system allows us to resolve issues with minimal to no downtime.


Each server is hardened to surpass industry benchmarks, and we are able to conduct node maintenance operations without the need to access ThePool’s forging keys.

Why vote for thepool delegate?

ThePool is pioneering the transformation of Lisk Delegates from largely passive node maintainers to active developers of the Lisk Ecosystem. ThePool provides maximum value to voters through development of innovative Lisk sidechain applications while rewarding ThePool voters with tokens to newly developed sidechains, in addition to traditional LSK token rewards.


ThePool’s nodes, tools, and applications are engineered with security in mind. Each node is hardened to surpass industry benchmarks, and security is planned and managed through every stage of our software development lifecycles.

High credibility

From bug-hunting, to tool development, to reliably securing the Lisk network, to steadfastly advocating for necessary improvements to the Lisk codebase and consensus, ThePool has been a stalwart member of the Lisk community since 2016.

Blockchain app developer

ThePool has the skills, experience, and determination to add substantial value to the Lisk ecosystem through Lisk sidechain application development. With the introduction of the Alpha Lisk SDK, ThePool now has the tools needed to develop fully functional Lisk sidechain applications that will ultimately be connected to the Lisk mainchain and have the potential to take advantage of cross-chain transactions and other functionalities.


What can voters expect from ThePool delegate?

ThePool will continue to work hard to make substantial contributions to the Lisk ecosystem. Designs are currently in development for multiple Lisk sidechain applications. ThePool voters will receive tokens for our newly developed Lisk sidechain applications, in addition to small thank-you rewards of LSK cryptocurrency, proportionate to voting weight received over time. Voters can also expect that ThePool will continue to reliably maintain its Lisk network servers in accordance with best practices.

Thepool delegate is team of individuals from around the world working to build Web 3.0 with help of the Lisk SDK.

We believe that only code matters, not who writes it.

ThePool voters benefit in several ways. First, ThePool voters will receive tokens for innovative Lisk sidechain applications developed by ThePool, allowing ThePool voters an opportunity to gain valuable assets at no cost other than voting for ThePool. Second, by supporting ThePool and its development activities, voters help to expand the Lisk ecosystem. A vibrant ecosystem, in turn, will positively influence the price of Lisk. Third, voters will continue to receive small thank you rewards in the form of LSK tokens. Finally, as a highly experienced Lisk delegate, voters can trust that ThePool will continue secure the Lisk network in a secure, professional manner.

What kind of applications will ThePool develop?

We are especially interested in development of autonomous decentralised companies where shares and profit rights in organisations are represented by Lisk sidechain tokens.

Consensus will be based on the default consensus module provided by Lisk Core. However, custom configurations will be made to the module, including alteration of the number of delegates securing the network.

You can join our Discord server and engage with our community. We look forward to meeting people willing to help us develop and test our Lisk sidechain applications.

As each Lisk sidechain application launches its Mainnet, we will work to list the sidechain on multiple centralised exchanges. However, our ultimate goal is to list our sidechain applications on decentralised exchanges based on Lisk, once available. For that, the Lisk SDK release candidate will need to be finalised.

How will Lisk sidechain application tokens be distributed?

Tokens distribution will be divided among ThePool voters, private investors, and ThePool development team.

Token sales will be held privately, on request. Minimum investment will vary from 50,000 to 150,000 USD. Basic AML and KYC will be required.

Probably 2020 - As soon as Testnet for the application in question is stable.


From the very beginning to the future

May 2016 Concept development

Lisk Testnet participation and idea of launching a Lisk Mainnet delegate.

December 2016 Founding of ThePool Delegate

Delegate focus on incentivising votes through sharing of block rewards.

Q1 & Q2 2017 Creation of

Lisk node and block propagation monitoring software created.

Q3 & Q4 2017 Tools Development

Multiple tools developed for Lisk ecosystem. Shift from high-share model to accumulation of funds for development activities.

Q1 & Q2 2018 Further tools development

Additional tools created, including lisk-php, a standalone PHP library for Lisk.

Q3 & Q4 2018 Further tools development

Development and testing of Trezor hardware wallet integration for Lisk. Discovery of bugs in initial Trezor firmware.

Q1 2019 Further improvements to tools

Improvements to current tools.

Q2 2019 Shift of focus

Shift from high block reward share model to Lisk sidechain application development model, website redesign, introduction of blog, discontinuation of financial incentive to run

Q3 2019 Redesign & Blockchain app

Announcement of first Lisk sidechain application, website redesign, blog and more.

Q3 & Q4 2019 PoC Blockchain app Testnet launch

Lisk dapp Testnet launch.

Q3 - Q4 2020 Ldice dapp launch

Release date depends largely on Lisk-sdk development. lisk-sdk 4.0 & 5.0

Q2 - Q4 2020 More proof of concept dapps

More viable examples of lisk-sdk use will be developed.

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