ThePool - First Opensource Lisk Delegate Pool

This is front interface which allows only to read information. In order to start getting rewards you need to vote for ThePool delegate with address 10839494368003872009L via any LISK client which allows to vote. Delegate statistics can be found in Stats and Charts tabs. ThePool is proportionally sharing 70% of forged blocks revenue, including network fees to people who are in state of voted for this delegate. ThePool reserved 1.5mln weight for Liskstats contributors. 30% of revenue is being kept for further development of this software and as well This pool is working on main network. Payments are once per 7 days if earned more than 0.2 LISK. If you voted for ThePool you should immediately notice your address on voters list in Stats tab and after forging new block split information will appear as well. If you have any doubts or questions about ThePool or feel free to PM at If you are new to Lisk, join our community, there are many folks out there in chat which would like to tell you more about Lisk!
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Last updated: 11 May 2017